April 18-22, 2016 Agra- Delhi- The Taj and the Train

We arrived in Agra, Uttar Pradesh mid-day after an unmemorable first class train ride. Agra is hot, dusty and busy. Our guest hotel was a large modern house decorated in that newly affluent style with lots of gold, velvet and led lights. Our first stop was the Taj Mahal, a mausoleum built in the mid […]

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Jaipur to Agra April 16-18 2016

We left for Jaipur at 5 am from  “Clean Station Jodhpur”. Even at that hour, the station was full of travellers camped out on the platforms. There were families with kids, saffron robed Hindu pilgrims and gurus, black clad moslem women, turbaned Sikh’s and all sort of people in dress that identified them in ways […]

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Rajasthan – Udaipur, Kumbhalgarh April 13-15 2016

Our first stop after Mumbai was Udaipur (उदयपुर), the capital of the kingdom of Mewar.  Instead of taking a 15 hour+ train ride we took a 1.5 hour flight on Indigo Airlines – a low-cost carrier that serves India’s growing middle class. The Indigo Jet was modern and the flight was on time. However, the rest of the experience […]

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Mumbai April 8-11 Slums, High-Rises, & Lessons from a Taxi Driver

We left Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific jet bound for Mumbai.  The view of the sunset lighting up the Hong Kong skyline and the mountains was beautiful after take off but we were less thrilled when it appeared again half an hour later on the other side of the airplane.  Sure enough the pilot announced […]

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