Emperors, Kebabs And The Cultural Revolution- Xian April 2,3 2016

The  huge waiting room in the Bejing train station was packed with travellers heading home for the ancestors holiday. Adults sat with bundles and sacks while kids made a game out of pushing each other on wheeled luggage. Eliot drowned out the noise with his iPod and I went exploring for food. The snacks available- duck tongues, and chinese dates […]

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Gucci, Mao & The Emperor- First 2 Days in China : March 31-April 1, Beijing

The JAL 787 from Tokyo to Haneda was half full and we ended up in business class. It was the most fun I had with an electric seat since my father z’l bought home a Buick Riviera in 1980.  Eliot was not amused. I think he was unhappy in the realization that the quiet orderliness of Japan was […]

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