Mumbai April 8-11 Slums, High-Rises, & Lessons from a Taxi Driver

We left Hong Kong on a Cathay Pacific jet bound for Mumbai.  The view of the sunset lighting up the Hong Kong skyline and the mountains was beautiful after take off but we were less thrilled when it appeared again half an hour later on the other side of the airplane.  Sure enough the pilot announced […]

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On our second to last night in Arequipa we got TOT (tired of travelling). We did not feel like going anywhere. We did not want to pack and unpack and research hotels, sights and bus tickets. However, we did not want to stay in the family hotel with Abuela either. So, I dived into the web to […]

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The Midnight Bus to Cajamarca

The only way in and out of Chachapoyas is by bus and the taxi drivers will tell you that this is because in 2003  Trans Peru flight 222 crashed into a mountain on approach to Chachapoyas airport.  Our next stop was Cajamarca and we assumed that we could take a fancy Cama Bus. We were […]

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Caves Graves and Cataracts : Caverna de Quiocta & Sarcófagos de Karajía

On January 22, 2016 we went on a tour that took us to the Quiocta caves and the Sarcofagos of Karajia. Eliot and I and a Peruvian couple were overflow so we got to ride in a new Hyundai Suv  behind the combi. The  Peruvian couple were in their early 20’s and were from Chicklayo (a mid size city […]

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Quito January 11-14 2016

On January 11 we left Otavalo for Quito. We liked La Luna lodge so we packed without enthusiasm and took our time with breakfast. I even got a few last minutes in the hammock locking out over the mountains while Eliot chatted with Suzie (the Czech, Swedish Shaman). We taxied to the bus station and followed the shouts of “Quito Quito […]

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Food In Latin America vs Canada Part 1 Festival de cuy (guinea pig)

On January 7, we went to the festival de cuy  (guinea pig).  Cuy are an important traditional food of the indigenous people in the area and this was the place to celebrate Cuy. The festival site could be any country fair site, a running track, bleachers, a bandstand, vendors and beer sellers.  There were tented restaurants […]

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