We stayed at Hotel Boutique Plaza Sucre in Quito from January 11-14. The hotel is located in the Centro Historico of Quito and few blocks away from most sites. There is a good bus system that connects north and south of the city.   Quito is situated in a long valley with mountains and volcanoes to the north and south. The town itself is at 3000 meters which means the air is thin and cool while the sun is very hot. The historical centre has tons of charm, and some grit. Ornate old churches and monasteries, clock and bell towers framed by mountains. The taxi drivers do not seem to know the city very well. There is a lot of air pollution and noise in the narrow streets. There are many indigenous people and many indigenous women wear their traditional clothing and carry their kids on their backs. It is not a cheap city because of the US$ and we found the food to be generally so so, this is not a food culture.  Some surreal moments include hearing the tune from Dylan’s  “blowing in the wind” played in a 300 year old church during a mass. At another church I could have sworn that they were playing the tune from “heivanu shalom aleichem” at the part of the ceremony where they shake hands. Another funny experience was hearing a ginseng seller telling people that chinese boys can build a computer in 5 minutes, and the reason they are so smart- ginseng. Finally there was the experience of taking the express bus that holds over 150 people sitting next to a breast feeding mom. We also enjoyed the Guyasamin foundation museum.



_DSF6761 _DSF6946

Kid in pharmacy



Indigenous woman in front of La Compagnia


Plaza Grande


Poster from exposition on The Disappeared



Historical Centre




San Francisco

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_DSF6634 eliot model _DSF6593 _DSF6563 _DSF6561 _DSF6554


Hotel breakfast room

_DSF6544  _DSF6538 eliot school shoe shine _DSF6520




La Compagnia_DSF6505 _DSF6502 _DSF6494 _DSF6484 _DSF6482


This woman sold me cho cho outside of the botanical garden.

cho cho seller

_DSF6803 _DSF6815 _DSF6841  _DSF6864 _DSF6915 _DSF6920 _DSF6930 mom on bus

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    Stunning photos!

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