Popayan is about 100 km south of Cali. It is known as the White City and it is a UNESCO heritage site. We spent two days in the White City. Photos are of  Popoyan and the Thermals and town of Coconuco. We stayed at the Hostel Trail which  is located close to whatever you may need (commercial area, with restaurants, market and stores, bus station and historical centre). We were in Popayan for La Fiesta de los Reyes. Tony and Kim are the Scottish proprietors of  and  Hostel Caracol. They organized a great bike trip from the hot springs back into town. It is a 30 km trip mostly downhill that takes you though an aboriginal reserve,  a small town and across the Cauca river. It was a great time to be in Popayan they had a bandstand with live music, food stands and people were throwing water an foam on you as part of the festivities. People were super friendly to tourists.



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