Otavalo Mojanda Lakes and La Luna Mountain Lodge

We stayed in Otavalo from January 8-11. Photos are of La Luna Mountain Lodge– and Otavalo Market. The lodge is a hostel/lodge located about 5 km from the town on a hillside overlooking the valley and the volcano. It is a very peaceful place. We met some very interesting travellers: Nicole- a civil engineer from Frankfurt who has been travelling solo throughout Peru and Ecuador.  If you understand German check out Nicole’s Blog. We also met Ran and Sofi, a couple from Brooklyn and  (Zuzana) a Czech woman who was visiting her daughter Linda, a teacher at the Einstein School. Zuzana is a shaman that combines eastern and western practices.  The first day we went to the Otavalo Market and the second day we hiked up Fuya Fuya Volcano from Mojanda lakes. Our room  (Roja) had a wood burning fireplace and a view. The shower was temperamental and only had hot water for 30 seconds.



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