Cusco was the next stop after Cajamarca. Cusco was the point where all four branches of the Inca empire met. It was the site of impressive Inca temples which were used as foundations for colonial buildings and churches.  Cusco is close to many important archeological sites including Machu Picchu.

We flew from Cajamarca to Cusco via Lima on January 29, 2016. The Lima to Cusco leg was serviced by 1970’s vintage Peruvian Airlines 737-200. The flight was full of tourists including a large contingency of American and European seniors. We boarded from the tarmac and pandemonium ensued as the out of breath tourists tried to jam their large carry ons into the tiny overhead bins. The proper english couple that had measured their carry-ons carefully muttered insults under their breath as an American woman with a Southern accent starting removing items from the bin to make room for a large carry on.  At this point we realized that Cuzco is going to be a lot more touristy than the other places we had visited. Sure enough the town was geared for tourists with pricey restaurants, Alpaca shops and some very expensive hotels. There were also people offering massages, religious an Llama art and other tourist stuff. However, despite the touts and tourists, the town was very charming with its narrow alleys, inca walls and impressive buildings.

Our friends David and Tilo were joining us from Vancouver so we rented  three bedroom apartment in the neighbourhood of San Blas through Airbnb. This neighbourhood is up on the hill and is a bit bohemian.

Here are some photos from Cusco.

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Market  meat section


meat counter



_DSF9360 _DSF9377 _DSF9394


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