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About Eliot & Lorne | Thegingerandthejew
calandra beach mexico

calandra beach mexico

We are a couple from Vancouver, Canada embarking on a 9 month round the world sabbatical/trip. Eliot is the ginger.  He is originally from Colombia and works in child protection social work.  Eliot is very direct and fearless when it comes to dealing with people but less so with heights. Lorne (jew) is originally from Montreal, Quebec. Lorne works in aboriginal law and is less direct than Eliot. Lorne is not as fearless as Eliot when it comes to people but Lorne is ok with heights. Our travel style is a mixture between careful planning and haphazard spontaneity with a bit of  ADD  thrown in for good measure. We like cities and rural/natural settings and do well with most people.

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