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March 2016


Poverty is a relative concept

Throughout our trip, something has become more apparent. We all have the same needs: to eat, to be cared for, to love, and to belong to a community. These are universal despite our economic situation and/or the culture we live in. Somewhere I read that your current situation does not define who you are as a […]

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Ethiopia Simien Mountain Trek- The Guide, The Cook and The Scout

Eliot and I trekked in Simien mountains national park for four days from March 8-12. In those 4 days, we saw incredibly beautiful landscapes and watched wildlife up close. The trek was one of the best experiences I had so far on the trip and much of the credit goes to the guide and the staff that […]

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Addis Ababa The New Flower

The 14 hour flight/ 10 km from Sao-Paulo to Addis was easy. We each had a row of seats and slept as the plane crossed the Atlantic and the African continent. Canadian tourists can get visa’s at the Airport for US$60. Most of the people in line were from other African countries. Out of 100 people […]

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Rio De Janeiro People in No Mood for Bossa Nova and Samba

The tag line for this blog is a semi-haphazard trip around the world and our  stop overs in Rio and Ethiopia on our way to Asia is an example of how some destinations were selected by chance. The plan was to start the trip in South America followed by Asia, the middle wast and Europe. However, there […]

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Lima- Our Last Stop In Peru

After the Colca canyon trek, we returned to Arequipa for one last night before heading out to Lima. With time to kill before our the departure of our night bus, we hung out at a chocolate cafe and enjoyed dinner at Chicha. Due to my screw up, we had to take the 10 pm night bus […]

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Colca Canyon Condors, Geysers, Hot Springs & Oasis

After abandoning the Jungle option we had one day to plan and book our trip to the Colca canyon. We met a guide that got outstanding reviews on Tripadvisor who quoted twice as much as the rate quoted in a local travel agency. When we asked him why he told us about his years of experience, when we asked […]

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On our second to last night in Arequipa we got TOT (tired of travelling). We did not feel like going anywhere. We did not want to pack and unpack and research hotels, sights and bus tickets. However, we did not want to stay in the family hotel with Abuela either. So, I dived into the web to […]

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Arequipa Volcanos Black Underwear and Citizen Revolts

  Returning to the trip in chronological order. After Lake Titicaca we headed out to Arequipa.  Peru’s second most populous city and renowned for its cuisine, earthquakes and rebellious population. The city is located in an alpine valley/plain at 2100-2300 meters. On a clear day you can see two volcanoes. In the old town the buildings are […]

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