Machu Picchu

On February 3 we got up, downed coca/ muna tea with stale bread and headed out of the Ecolodge. We decided to take what Lyle describes as the most expensive bus ride in Peru (US$21) from Aguas Calientes to the site. The bus crossed the river and climbed the 1000 meter switchbacked road overlooking misted mountains. It […]

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Ollantaytambo, Pisac and Moray- Sun Temple, Terraces and Experimental Farms

Between February 1-6, we did some self tours to other sites in the sacred valley and around Cusco. Of note we visited in the Cusco were Ollantaytambo, Pisaq and Moray. We did not have Lyle for these sites so we had to get information from Wikipedia. Ollantaytambo is a small town in the sacred valley. It is the […]

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Yahrzeit In Cusco

Sundown January 29, 2016  coincided with the “yahrzeit”  (anniversary) of the date in the Jewish calendar in which my father z’l died in 2012. On Yahrzeit close family members of the deceased say “kaddish” a prayer that requires a minyan or prayer quorum of 10.  After my father z’l died my brothers and I followed the Jewish traditions for […]

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Incas, Waris & Catholics

There are a number of archaeological and historical sites you can visit on day trips from Cusco. On February 1, we arranged for a private tour with Lyle of Tipon, Piqillacta and San Pedro do Andahuaylillas- the Sistine Chapel of the Andes. Lyle usually only provides these tours for his guests at Gringo Wasi B&B but was able to […]

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Business Class Collectivo

On January 30, I woke to the sound of a song bird tapping on the bathroom window at around 5.30 am. This was a good thing because David and Tilo were scheduled to arrive at the apartment at 6am after their overnight flight from Canada. After a coca tea and a nap, David and Tilo […]

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Hit that kid/ Pegenle a ese niño

Augusto told us that the best food in Cajamarca was to be found in the market and that we should venture there on our first day in the city. He was right. The Cajamarca market covers a few city blocks and spills out into the busy streets. You can find almost anything, from traditional  Cajamarca […]

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The Midnight Bus to Cajamarca

The only way in and out of Chachapoyas is by bus and the taxi drivers will tell you that this is because in 2003  Trans Peru flight 222 crashed into a mountain on approach to Chachapoyas airport.  Our next stop was Cajamarca and we assumed that we could take a fancy Cama Bus. We were […]

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