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February 2016


Visa Blues The Jew without the Ginger

The reason I have been posting a lot recently is that I am stuck in Lima waiting for a Brazilian visa due to a screw up on my part. This post will be about the fail and practical advice arising out of it. Aside from some stomach issues and dirty hostels we have not encountered many […]

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Road to Arequipa: Crossing Rivers in Pick Up Trucks and Potholes in Double Decker Buses

We left Capechica on February 12, our destination was Arequipa via Juliana. One of the bridges was under repair and the detour through the ditch was impassable because of the rains. We were told that the collectivo could take us to one side of the river and then we had to get across to a collectivo on the other side. […]

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A Tourist View on The Peruvian Elections 2016

When we arrived in Peru in January, the campaign for the April 2016 general election was in full swing. There were election billboards in the big towns and in the poorer parts election slogans painted on whitewashed walls.  The current president is not running because he has reached the limit on terms that a president can serve […]

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Uros Islands- A Peruvian Upper Canada Village

On February 11, we followed Walther’s advice and booked a tour of  the local Uros islands . For 200 soles we were promised a visit to islands that are not touristy and lechon for lunch.  Within minutes of payment we were bumping around in a taxi listening to Journey en route to the llachon peninsula. Our guide was a […]

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Lake Titicaca

From Puno we went to  “Quechua Family Inn” airbnb on Lake Titicaca. The collectivo cost 4 soles and our bags rode on the roof. We got to see the countryside while listening to the local women chatting in Quechua. One talked and the other said umhmmm. The collectivo left us off in the hamlet of Capachica which was having its own […]

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Puno- Spinning Spaniards, Skirts and Demons

On February 7, Eliot and I  left Cusco for Puno, a town on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca. David flew back to Vancouver and Tilo stayed on in Cusco. The 400 km bus ride takes about 8 hours and reaches an altitude of about 4800 meters as it passes through small Andean towns before dropping down […]

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The relationship between local food and my stomach/ La relacion entre la comida local y mi estomago

I would describe myself as a non fussy eater. I grew up eating tripe, black sausage, intestines and other animal parts in Colombia that are not offered in Canadian restaurants. Pig skin used to be one of my favourite things to eat with black beans, rice and fried plantains (bandeja paisa). My mom is an […]

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Carnival in San Blas- Tilting Saints and Drag Queens That Dance for Beer

On our last two nights in Cusco the carnival was getting into swing in the San Blas neighbourhood. The main square had two sound stages and multiple beer and food vendors. There were lots of partyers drinking beer, eating anticochos, guinea pig bits and corn extrusion products. We spotted a man dressed in Andino drag. He […]

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Food Photos

Here are photos of some of the foods that we ate and passed on during our trip.

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The Way to Machu Picchu-Raging Rivers & A Raging Redhead

To get to Machu Picchu, you pass through Aguas Calientes which was renamed Machu Picchu to confuse everyone. From Aguas Calientes you still have to get to the hilltop site by bus or 3 hour hike (unless you pay $1000/night for a room at the Belmond). The three methods of getting to Aquas Calientes are; 1) hike […]

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