Popayan to Pasto- Carnival de Blancos Y Negros

January 6, started with an early morning sprint with our packs to the Popoyan bus station to catch our 7 am bus to Pasto. It had rained and I was slipping on the stones and annoyed at Eliot’s insistence that we walk rather than taxi.   My head was still in north america, I expected a modern […]

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Why Travel?

A couple of days ago Eliot told me that he wanted to go home.  He was suffering from a splitting headache a- complication from the Chiconguna virus he got from a mosquito bite and was at a low point.  It was a very hot night and the neighbours were blasting salsa music in the street. This is […]

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Colombian Fiddlers on The Roof

On the drive from the Cali Airport to Guadalajara de Buga (Buga) we passed a scooter on the highway with three people on it: a man, a woman and an infant. The man was driving, and the woman was behind him, holding on to the man with her right arm. Her left arm held the […]

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