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January 2016


Caves Graves and Cataracts : Caverna de Quiocta & Sarcófagos de Karajía

On January 22, 2016 we went on a tour that took us to the Quiocta caves and the Sarcofagos of Karajia. Eliot and I and a Peruvian couple were overflow so we got to ride in a new Hyundai Suv  behind the combi. The  Peruvian couple were in their early 20’s and were from Chicklayo (a mid size city […]

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Fortress City of Kuelap

Our first tour in the Chachapoyas area was a day trip to Kuelap, the remains of a fortified city inhabited from the 6th to the 16th century by the Chachapoyas. The site is located on a flat mountain top about 3000 meters above sea level and the only way to get there is on a dirt […]

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The things I have taken for granted/ Las cosas que no habia apreciado antes

Growing up poor in a hard working family with strong work ethic values taught me to be very thankful of all the non-material (relationships, health, and emotional well-being) and the material things I have had. I was raised to be appreciative for the water we use, the air we breath, the bed we sleep in, the food we eat […]

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Lessons from A Shoeless Lady in Chachapoyas

We awoke in Chachapoyas on January 20, 2016 in the hostel. It was quiet and cold and we had a mission- pack, move our bags to new hotel, eat and join the tour at 8.30 am. By 7.45 we were eating breakfast at a cafe on Amazonas pedestrian mall. Before I dug into my humita (sweet […]

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This is How We Roll- Trujillo to Chachapoyas January 19

After 2 days on the beach at Huanchaco, we were ready to go to the mountains. Destination Chachapoyas, Amazona province Peru.  To reach Chachapoyas from Trujillo there is an overnight bus that takes 12-14 hours to travel the 280 km of highway and treacherous mountain roads. We booked a “cama bus” (sleeper) executivo class with moviltours. For […]

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Quito January 11-14 2016

On January 11 we left Otavalo for Quito. We liked La Luna lodge so we packed without enthusiasm and took our time with breakfast. I even got a few last minutes in the hammock locking out over the mountains while Eliot chatted with Suzie (the Czech, Swedish Shaman). We taxied to the bus station and followed the shouts of “Quito Quito […]

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Filet Mignon

I grew up in a time of violence in Colombia where traveling was extremely dangerous. There were towns that the guerrillas would take over and either kill all its inhabitants and make them work for them while they were committing atrocities. Dead bodies on the road in Colombia while growing up was nothing out of […]

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Open or not the gay travellers dilemma

On January 8, 2016 we left Pasto Colombia for Otavalo Ecuador.  We arrived at the bus station at 8.30  and were directed by shouts to an Ipiales bound coach. The bus was an overnighter that had left  Cali @ 11pm the night before. Good news -there was AC and a bathroom, bad news – we […]

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Food in Latin America Part 2- Pets in Restaurants

The official currency of Ecuador is the US$ and  the guide books tell you that it is hard to break a 20. We found this out when we were trying to buy bus tickets from the border town of Tulcan to Otavalo.  Having an hour to kill Eliot, Thomas ( an Austrian that we shared […]

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Food In Latin America vs Canada Part 1 Festival de cuy (guinea pig)

On January 7, we went to the festival de cuy  (guinea pig).  Cuy are an important traditional food of the indigenous people in the area and this was the place to celebrate Cuy. The festival site could be any country fair site, a running track, bleachers, a bandstand, vendors and beer sellers.  There were tented restaurants […]

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